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If you have a Dine and Discover NSW voucher to be applied to entertainment and recreation, Balloon Joy Flights will accept these vouchers when you book online. It’s easy to apply the voucher:

  1. In the section below the passenger name and address, enter the code you receive as your unique voucher code(s) provided by Services NSW.
  2. Click the green button labelled “Add Promo Code/voucher” using one of the codes shown on this page, Your final booking price will be reduced by either $25 or $50 depending on whether you apply 1 or 2 vouchers.
Hot Air Ballooning Canowindra

Canowindra, NSW is known as the Hot Air Balloon Capital of Australia as it is considered one of the best places to hot air balloon in Australia. Hot air ballooning is one of the most popular things to do in Orange NSW region. During April and early may the Canowindra International Balloon Challenge is a highlight of the year, and culminating in the vibrant Cabonne Community Glow where hot air balloons light up the night sky.  

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Take a Hot Air Balloon flight with Balloon Joy Flights - for a Magical Experience

We have been flying hot air balloons for over 35 years and supporting the Canowindra International Balloon Festival!

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